Real Experience

Minnesota needs policymakers with real experience and advocates who understand the tough choices. Korina Barry has bested many challenges and proves her dedication to our families and communities every day. I look forward to serving with Korina Barry as Minnesota’s next Native American caucus member. 

Mary Kunesh-Podein | MN House Representative 41B

A People Person

I first met Korina a few years ago through a mutual friend. I quickly saw that she has a passion for improving the lives of others. Korina is a young and energetic woman, her life’s path has given her tremendous wisdom and insight into the experiences of others. Korina is a product of Minneapolis public schools and graduate from the University of Minnesota, where she majored in social work. Since then, she has worked to better the lives of children. Korina’s education, professional experiences, and lived experience have given her qualities that I know will make her a tremendous public servant.

Korina is not a political person, she’s a people person who gets things done. In these trying times, that’s just the sort of person we need in state government. Someone with empathy who also understands public policy will help improve people’s lives in tangible and positive ways. I am extremely proud to endorse Korina for MN House Representative.

Kim Ellison | MPS Board of Education

Resilient Spirit

She healed her own body, spirit, and soul through her work in the community, and she helped bring other young indigenous women along with her. As a young youth worker, she learned to maneuver within the Indian child welfare system and she continued her education to better represent our children mired in this system. Elect her so she can continue her advocacy for children, women, the two-spirit population, our rivers and streams, our traditional foods like wild rice. Give her the platform to speak the truth! Proud to support Korina Barry!

Sharon Day | Ojibwe Elder & Water Protector

Representation Matters

I have known Korina for six years now through doing youth work and I believe she is the best candidate to represent us here in 62B. It is important to me that our next representative be an Indigenous woman of color following outgoing representative, Susan Allen, the first indigenous woman elected to serve in the MN legislature. Our Indigenous communities are the most underrepresented in local, state and national government. We have the opportunity to keep a strong voice for Native people and all marginalized communities at the statehouse. That’s why I support Korina Barry.

Marjaan Sirdar | Teacher, 8-4 Delegate

Empowering the Voiceless

I am supporting Korina because she has a passion for helping the most vulnerable in our community. You rarely meet people so empathic and singularly driven to help those most in need. She understands that being progressive is more than saying the right things; she has consistently taken action in bold and important ways to support and empower the voiceless, particularly children and families. Korina is more than an activist; she is a helper and a healer. Hers is a voice that is sorely needed at the Capitol.

Max Page | Child Protection Attorney, 9-1 Delegate