Boozhoo, Korina Barry indizhinkaaz zhaaginaashimong.
Waabaninoodinikwe anishinaabemong. Makwa indoodem.
Gaa-zaagaskwaajimekaag indoonjibaa.

Hello, my name is Korina Barry. My spirit name is East Wind Woman. I am bear clan and I am an enrolled member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe.

I am running for House Representative for District 62B. I grew up in south Minneapolis, and have resided in the Field neighborhood for 3 years. As an Anishinaabe woman who grew up in poverty, I have experienced a great deal of adversity in my life and have embraced many challenges, including overcoming obstacles to accessing a college education. Additionally, I come from a long line of strong and resilient women. My relatives have fought for survival; they continue to fight every day for their basic human rights and equal opportunity. I have watched and supported my mother through some of the most unthinkable and life-changing events. I want a better future for people, like my mother, and other fellow community members who are struggling, who feel like their voices are silenced and forgotten.

I am dedicated to fighting for greater equity and access to opportunities to succeed in our most underrepresented communities.

As a woman of color, as an Anishinaabe woman, I believe I am the best candidate for this position. My lived experiences, both challenging and beautiful, have shaped who I am and what I am passionate about today. My campaign will be about advocating for policies that will make a difference for people experiencing the impact of inequities and harmful policies, and being their voice at the Legislature.

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